5 unexpected plumbing problems to avoid

Some people say that the only certainties in life are death and taxes. Well you can add to that list “plumbing problems.” From stopped up toilets to leaky faucets, you can’t avoid them. Despite the modern advancements of Los Angeles homes, a residential plumbing system is just too complex for it to remain in perfect shape forever.

The problems aren’t always obvious, either. Sometimes an issue can sneak up on you, or go undetected altogether if you’re not looking for it. Here are a few problems to keep an eye out for, as they may not be readily apparent.

Clogged drain

Sure, an overflowing sink is a tell-tale sign that you have a clog. But sometimes a small piece of debris can cause a slow build-up of water, which will eventually become a problem. Additionally, you should beware of strange objects, especially in the toilet. Throughout the course of a plumber’s work, he’s probably seen everything from toys, spare change, and even drugs in a toilet’s drain.

Busted sewer line

A failing sewer line may not be apparent at first. In fact, inside your home, you may not see any signs at all. You’d most likely have to check your lawn, and even then it probably won’t be obvious. A saturated patch of grass or distinct, pungent odors should be able to clue you in.

If any of these symptoms occur, call the best plumber Beverly Hills has to offer. Whether it’s your Bel-Air residence or the Four Seasons Hotel, we’ll fix your sewer line quickly and professionally.

Leaky pipe

Most of your pipes are located behind the walls, so you can’t count on knowing when they’re leaking – at least, not in a direct way. However, there are more subtle red flags to heed. For example, did you know that peeling paint indicates that moisture has crept into the wall? If your paint or wallpaper is flaking or unraveling, you have a leak.

Tap water contamination

Unfortunately the only obvious sign for bad water is terrible taste, and even then it might just be the result of rusty pipes. If you suspect that your water is contaminated, go online and research recent reports. Quality inspection is performed regularly on Los Angeles’ water supply. You can also buy a selection of purifiers for your kitchen sink.

Gas leak

Technically, this isn’t water-related but many plumbers do work with natural gas. Gas leaks are rather insidious, as they can be extremely dangerous while disguising themselves very well. Some people have even reported living with gas leaks for an extended period of time, and suffered health problems as a result.

Odor is the easiest way to detect this sneaky culprit. If you smell gas, evacuate the premises immediately and call a plumber or appropriate technician. In the worst circumstances, gas can cause explosions. However, if you catch it early on, you should have nothing to worry about.