How to handle a flood at home

Floods are often depicted in movies and television as being a community problem.  Whether they result from torrential rain or unfathomable climate disasters, they wreak havoc on a major scale.  But many Los Angeles homeowners know that that they can just as easily strike at home.

From Woodland Hills to Burbank, residential flooding can be a serious problem.  Typically, we all tend to react to them in similar ways: we curse the problem; curse ourselves for not anticipating the problem; go into denial about the problem; accept the problem.  It’s a common routine, but it doesn’t have to ruin your life.

There’s no way to effectively prepare for a flood, since the ways in which it can happen are too varied.  However, using these simple measures, you can deal with one if and when it occurs in your house.

Shut off the water

One of the reasons floods are common is that so many conditions cause them.  For example, a clogged toilet, busted pipe, or failed water main can all lead to a build up or explosion of water.

After you’ve gotten over your initial shock (see above), you need to take action by following some practical steps.  Perhaps the most direct way to prevent the encroaching water from wrecking your home is to just turn it off.

This is where the water supply valve or stopcock comes in to play.  If it’s located inside your home, you can most likely find it in or near the kitchen (this is where the main water line probably enters your home).  Using the valve’s round handle, turn it until it stops.

Next, go outside and shut off the water for the whole house.  Start by looking for the supply valve near the home’s water meter.  If you can’t turn it by hand, try using a pipe wrench.

Contact a professional

Even if you’ve managed to shut off the H2O, you’ll still need the help of a trained expert to fix the problem and restore your plumbing.  Don’t try to repair it yourself.  Issues of this magnitude can be complex and if they’re not handled right, may make things worse.

Your best bet is to call a pro.  For the best emergency plumber Los Angeles has to offer, contact Fiskit Plumbing.  We’ve seen the worst kinds of floods, caused by a variety of reasons.  We know what to look for, and can customize the right course of action for your particular scenario.  And most importantly, we’ll respond quickly to minimize the damage.

Locate the source

After you’ve called Fiskit, you should try to identify the source of the problem.  You may be able to stop the rush of water.  Toilets and sinks will be pretty obvious.  However, if water is soaking the floor, or creating a bulge in the wall, the guilty pipe might be harder to find.

For easy-to-identify sources, try shutting off the fixtures and turning off the water.  For the less obvious problem, our recommendation is to tread lightly.  Most importantly, if you’re not sure what you’re doing, wait for us to arrive.  Rest assured, we’ll be there soon.