Knowing these facts about your home can save you big $$$

The cost of owning a home in Los Angeles is the equivalent of owning a sprawling estate in many other areas of the country. From Hollywood to Santa Monica, we trade off the high price of living because of the warm weather, culture, and proximity to the beach, mountains and desert. But the costs do add up. Fortunately, there are things each and every homeowner can do – things that you might not have considered – to save money. Check out this list of savings: 

Green fixtures use less water

Soon legislators will require all homeowners to use efficient plumbing fixtures, but until that happens, you can get a jumpstart on saving water by installing them now. Low-flow toilets and power showerheads consume fewer gallons of water per use. You not only help the state by conserving water, you save money as well. Less water usage means a smaller monthly bill.

 Tankless water heaters save money over time

For some homeowners, the jury’s still out on tankless water heaters. They’re still relatively new, and claims of big savings haven’t been tested over long periods of time. However, many experts and plumbers believe that these appliances will only grow in popularity. Rather than relying on a bulky tank to store and heat your water, the new models consume far less space, and heat water only when you need it. The result is a smaller energy bill, and more money in your pocket.

Small leaks can mean big plumbing problems

Leaks seem innocent enough. A small drainage of water can’t possibly be a big deal, right? Unfortuntely, no. While leaks might just indicate a loose faucet, more often than not they indicate a leaky pipe, and likely require the attention of the most skilled plumber in Los Angeles. Fisk-it Plumbing can investigate any suspicious leaks, and trace them back to their origin. Whether you live near Dodger Stadium or The South Bay, our team will quickly identify and repair the problem, and prevent a small leaky pipe from becoming a full-on flooded home.

Earthquake valves prevent gas leaks

A Southern Californians, we’re all too used to earthquakes. Sometimes shakers barely faze us. But many fear that we will some day be hit with The Big One. In addition to property damage, we’ll have to contend with other dangerous consequences at home, such as gas leaks. But if you have a plumber install earthquake valves around your gas line, they’ll immediately shut off the gas when the property starts shaking. 

Shady plumbers begin work without an estimate

We’ve heard heartbreaking stories from our customers about their experience with less scrupulous plumbers. From Downtown LA to Culver City, shady plumbers unfortunately occupy most neighborhoods of our city. While there’s no sure red flag of who to avoid, there are some warning signs.

For instance, never hire a plumber who’s so eager to get started that he doesn’t provide an estimate. Additionally, plumbers who agree to a copper repiping or sewer line repair job before even investigating the problem first are most likely inexperienced. If you stick to thorough professionals, you’ll end up saving money on the work in the long run.