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Avoid the water in Los Angeles after a storm

Los Angeles has been hit with some heavy storms lately, but reports indicate that one neighborhood in particular took a serious hit. Residents of Hermosa Beach were rumored to experience flooding over the past few days, which created a variety of problems. Not only did people have to deal with wet homes and flooded streets, […]

2015 home improvement projects — it’s time to start planning

As 2014 draws to a close, it’s a good time to start thinking about the year ahead. If you’re a Los Angeles homeowner and inclined to repairs, that means home improvement projects. Obviously, there are endless ways in which you can improve the strength of your home. From electrical jobs to whole additions to the […]

Whatever you do, don’t fix this problem yourself

Just like residents of other cities, Beverly Hills homeowners are concerned with safety. Whether your house resides near the shopping district of Rodeo Drive or along busy Wilshire Boulevard, residents naturally want to keep their home safe from any breakdowns in service. Not only can a problem with your plumbing or other utilities be annoying, […]

Your plumbing simply can’t survive without these fixtures

How old is your home? Often, aged Culver City residences come with character and grace, but sometimes old age means the home’s infrastructure just isn’t sustainable. Old copper pipes will eventually need to be replaced, and may even be leeching corroded materials into your drinking water. Likewise, old plumbing fixtures such as showerheads, sinks and […]

How will YOU get scammed by a plumber?

Los Angeles consumers are no fools. We know a raw deal when we’re getting one. But our consumer smarts don’t just pertain to places like Third Street Promenade in Santa Monica or The Grove; no we can smell a scam from shady contractors as well. In fact, most of us are inherently inquisitive when it […]

Insanely easy plumbing hacks everyone should know

When it comes to fixing a plumbing problem, you don’t need to be home improvement superstar, Bob Villa to solve it. Whether you live in a high-end Beverly Hills mansion or cool Hermosa Beach bungalow, every Los Angeles resident should know how to apply simple “home remedy” cures when dealing with leaks, creaks and clogs. […]

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For Plumbers that fix-it quick, call Fisk-it Plumbing!

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