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Clogged drain? Try these tricks

In the kitchen, few things are more annoying than a clogged sink. Even if you don’t rely on it to wash dishes, proper drainage is essential to rinsing plates, cleaning vegetables, and washing your hands. Unfortunately, it’s only when you can’t use a sink that you realize how much you depend on it. But don’t […]

5 unexpected plumbing problems to avoid

Some people say that the only certainties in life are death and taxes. Well you can add to that list “plumbing problems.” From stopped up toilets to leaky faucets, you can’t avoid them. Despite the modern advancements of Los Angeles homes, a residential plumbing system is just too complex for it to remain in perfect […]

How to handle a flood at home

Floods are often depicted in movies and television as being a community problem.  Whether they result from torrential rain or unfathomable climate disasters, they wreak havoc on a major scale.  But many Los Angeles homeowners know that that they can just as easily strike at home. From Woodland Hills to Burbank, residential flooding can be […]

Is your water heater secretly costing you money?

In some ways, water heaters are the command center to your home’s plumbing. They not only facilitate the flow of water to your fixtures, they enable us to wash dishes and take showers – fundamental needs to anyone’s day. However, it’s easy to take them for granted. Because they’re outside or in the basement, most […]

5 tips for handling a commercial plumbing disaster

When you own a business, you have to be ready for anything.  Emergencies can catch you off guard and derail operations. Human error is one thing, but what about unexpected structural problems?  Even if your building is well constructed and supervised, it can still fail you every once in a while. Most people are hit […]

How to water your yard in a drought

With temperatures reaching the 90s in the Southern California, one thing is clear: summer is coming. Technically it’s still spring, but mild weather and April showers are scarce this season, especially in drier areas like Burbank and Woodland Hills.  But this should come as no surprise. By now, everyone knows that our state is experiencing […]

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