Service every customer should expect from a plumber

Santa Monica has no shortage of plumbers. The trick, of course, is deciding which company is right for you. Many residents may be content to simply pick a name at random from the internet, which isn’t necessarily a bad idea, especially if you don’t have much time to do research. However, failing to do a little homework can have disastrous consequences down the line.

While some plumbers have years of experience behind them, others are simply scam artists. To help you separate the good from the bad, or to assist you in narrowing down your list of qualified candidates, here are some services every plumber should offer.

24-7 Service

Whether or not round-the-clock service is relevant to your particular job, a plumber who offers it is most likely serious about customer service. We know that water problems don’t always conform to a convenient 9 to 5 schedule. Plumbers who truly want your work will go the extra mile, and show up to help at any time of the day. Weed out anyone who isn’t willing to help during less-than-convenient hours.

A thorough estimate

All plumbers offer estimates (home and business owners demand them), but only the best will thoroughly inspect the job, outline the work, and list prices for parts and labor ahead of time. If a plumber fails to do this, or is sketchy on the details, he may bill you for an exorbitant some later on. Most likely, the figure will be determined arbitrarily, and you’ll be on the hook to pay it.

It’s important to mention that this process isn’t just for the benefit of clients. While it does offer you transparency, it also helps us stay organized and focused.


Every resident deserves a plumber who has experience with your particular need. If you’re in need of copper repiping, maybe don’t hire someone who excels only in sewer line repair. Your best bet is to find a specialist, or to hire an all-purpose expert, such as the best plumber in Santa Monica. Fisk-it’s team of technicians can serve your Montana Avenue home or Third Street Promenade adjacent condo. No matter the issue, we’ve most likely worked on it before.

Timely work

Not all jobs can be finished within a day or two. More involved projects like home renovations or water main repair may take multiple days. But all work should be completed within a reasonable amount of time, time that was quoted to you before the job began. If your plumber seems to be dragging, make sure you politely ask if he’s adhering to schedule.


Sometimes jobs just don’t go according to plan. In more advanced projects, a plumber may discover that extra time is needed to adequately finish. He may also suddenly have switch job sites and send an apprentice in his place. These aren’t necessarily uncommon. However, what’s important is that he communicates any changes in schedule or workload to you as soon as possible. When choosing a plumber, get a sense of how well he communicates.