Why clogs need to be fixed immediately

Beverly Hills homes may look beautiful and chic, but there’s one thing you wouldn’t know just by looking at them. Just like every other neighborhood in Los Angeles, these seemingly perfect houses are affected by one common, annoying plumbing problem: clogs.

The reality is that clogs can affect anyone’s plumbing at any time. Even if you’re diligent about removing hair and other debris that falls into a drain, clogs seem impossible to completely prevent. In the best circumstances, you can solve the problem with simple homemade solutions to pour down the drain, but in serious scenarios, clogs can cost a pretty penny to fix.

Here are some common ways in which clogs may negatively affect your home.

They destroy your yard

Clogged sewer lines can seriously ruin your day. Not only do they send gross-looking water back into your home’s fixtures, they can eventually rupture the pipe if the pressure becomes too great. If this happens, the water may saturate your yard, potentially harming the grass and creating noxious odors.

If you have a clogged sewer line, call a plumber that Beverly Hills residents can trust. Fisk-it Plumbing can serve your home, whether you live near The Four Seasons Hotel or along Rodeo Drive. Our technicians can detect and remove the clog using minimally invasive, hi-tech snake lines and waterproof cameras.

They’re expensive

When a drain clogs, you automatically end up wasting water by simply trying to use the sink. Of course, with a serious clog, H2O won’t drain at all. But with a smaller problem, water may drain slowly, causing you to keep running the sink. After a few days of this, you’ve ended up consuming way more than you might’ve otherwise. You’ll most likely see the impact at the end of the month when you get the bill. Additionally, any measures you take to fix it (home remedies, store-bought chemicals, hiring a plumber) will cost you.

They lead to bigger problems

The longer you let clogs persist, the harder they become to fix. It’s easy to let a small clog go, especially if the water continues to drain, even if it’s slowly. However, if you continue to use the drain while neglecting the clog, it will inevitably worsen. Debris will accumulate, making it harder to remove when you do get around to repairing the problem. What started as a relatively simple job will eventually become a labor-intensive activity.

They inconvenience your family

In addition to costing you time and money, clogs create inconveniences around the house. If a sink becomes unavailable because the water won’t drain, people have to start sharing other sinks, which can crowd bathrooms and kitchens. In these kinds of situations, people can get irritable fast, especially at peak times such as the morning when everyone’s trying to get ready for work and school.

Likewise, a clogged kitchen sink can seriously impede the ability to make dinner and wash dishes. While they may not get much attention, clogs may be the most annoying plumbing problem a Beverly Hills resident can have.