Why your outdoor plumbing matters more than you think

Santa Monica’s homes are known for their curb appeal. From the residential neighborhoods near Main Street to the hip condos adjacent to Third Street Promenade, our pocket of Los Angeles has some of the most desirable drive-by views in the city.

Yards play a big role in aesthetic appeal. Of course, to maintain our stunning gardens and lawns, we have to water them, which can be potentially disastrous. It’s hard to immediately know if you have, say, a burst pipe underground because you may not notice it right away.  In fact, if it’s a minor break, you may not even be aware at all until your next water bill shows up – a month later.

To help you stay on top of your Santa Monica home’s outdoor plumbing, here are a few areas you should keep an eye on.

Sewer lines

Our city is known for its beauty. From the breathtaking views of the Pacific Ocean to the chic design of its modern homes, it’s hard not to fall in love. Which is why a broken sewer line seems particularly out of place. And yet, it’s an emergency every local homeowner should prepare for.

Simply put, a burst underground line in your yard is a disaster. At best, you may experience some minor wet patches of lawn and noxious odors. The kicker is you wouldn’t necessarily assume that these are serious symptoms. They may just seem like odd, one-off circumstances. But this would be a mistake. At worst, a ruptured line will flood your yard and send toxic water flowing back into your house, ruining not just your carefully maintained yard, but potentially causing a health hazard inside as well.

Sprinkler systems

Local residents embrace health. It’s not uncommon to see members of the Nike Run Club jogging through the neighborhood to stay healthy. The same can be said for our yards. Many homeowners use sprinkler systems to keep their lawns looking good. It’s a great concept until you realize how much busted sprinklers can drive up your water bill.

Have you ever seen a maverick sprinkler shooting water away from a home at the street? What about the cracked head that continuously pelts one section of someone’s driveway over and over? Most homeowners don’t know this is happening until it’s too late. Of course, it’s never too late to call the best plumber Santa Monica has to offer. Fiskit Plumbing can put a halt to the wasted water, repair the broken sprinkler, and return your yard to its former, appropriately watered beauty.


Without proper drainage, your grass will suffer. Overly saturated sections of lawn will eventually die, even in dry, drought-stricken Southern California. You need to make sure that water has some place to drain. Don’t be the house near swanky Montana Avenue with an unhealthy, dead yard. A good plumber can use minimally invasive techniques to make sure the water doesn’t drown your grass.