Your home is a target for burglars — here’s why

Culver City is no longer a safe place to live – at least, that’s how security experts want you think. The truth is that this pocket of The West Side is experiencing a real estate boom, as one of the more popular neighborhoods in Los Angeles, and is generally considered to be safe. But not everyone takes optimal precautions to ensure their home’s safety. You don’t have to be a security expert to keep your residence from being robbed, but you should take a step back and take an outsider’s view of your house. Does its appearance send an invitation to burglars?

Here are a few common ways in which homeowners fail to protect themselves.

Insufficient outdoor lighting

When the sun sets, people’s lights come on. Any house that remains dark instantly becomes a target. Even if you simply arrive home from work after dusk, you need to account for that time when your home stays light-less. The best solution is to set your outdoor lights on timers. If they come on every day at the same time, you don’t have to worry about who’s scoping your house while you’re away.

Lack of security systems

Security systems are probably the best way to protect your house. In fact, these days they’re pretty advanced, and many come with cameras that you can rig throughout the interior and exterior of the home. However, not all of us can afford expensive security. Fortunately, you can take effective, more affordable measures. Whether you adopt a dog that barks at unidentified strangers, install dummy cameras near the doors and windows, or reinforce the locks on your doors, you can easily maintain security.

Overgrown yard

It’s important to always keep your yard looking healthy. For one thing, it maintains curb appeal, which contributes to the value of the neighborhood (and can definitely help you sell your home). But on a more practical level, a well-maintained yard tells potential burglars that you’re paying attention.

Trim back the hedges and if you really want to take maintenance to the next level, install a fountain or sprinkler system. You’ll need the help of the best plumber in Culver City, but it’s worth it. Fisk-it Plumbing can keep your yard looking healthy. Whether you live near Sony Pictures Studios or along Washington Boulevard, we’ll help you project the image of a homeowner who’s keeping an eye on things.

Valuables are kept in plain site

This is something we all know, but often forget to avoid. The idea is simple: keep your curtains drawn whenever possible, especially if your home or apartment faces the street. Whether it’s a big-screen TV, tablet, stereo system, or even jewelry, keep these items out of site. Break-ins are rarely random. Most likely, someone has scoped your home before entering. Don’t extend any kind of invitation to a thief. Whenever possible, make sure you put all valuables in a drawer or ideally, a locked safe when you’re not using them.