Your plumbing simply can’t survive without these fixtures

How old is your home? Often, aged Culver City residences come with character and grace, but sometimes old age means the home’s infrastructure just isn’t sustainable. Old copper pipes will eventually need to be replaced, and may even be leeching corroded materials into your drinking water. Likewise, old plumbing fixtures such as showerheads, sinks and toilets may be consuming way more water than is necessary.

Efficiency standards are becoming more rigorous every day, reducing the limit of water consumption across appliances and fixtures, which only make your outdated plumbing seem problematic. The reality is that those old fixtures just can’t survive for much longer, especially if the government issues more mandates about water efficiency. To bring your home up to compliance – and save a little money in the process – here are a few easy-to-install efficiency fixtures.

Improve your main supply

Your water main supplies your whole house with precious H2O. While homeowners can and should focus on individual fixtures, it’s hard to really combat wasteful water usage if you don’t deal with the problem at its source. Many plumbing manufacturers agree, and as a result, have created special pressure-reducing valves. What’s so special about them? They can dramatically reduce pounds per square inch of water pressure that comes shooting through your home’s main. The increased regulation means you’ll see a smaller water bill at the end of the month, and it will prolong the life of your home’s pipes. With less pressure to support, they can rest a little easier.

Get flush with savings

Perhaps the biggest water-waster in the home is the toilet. Whether you have a single bathroom or multiple commodes across the home, toilets are used frequently and put heavy demand on the water supply and internal pipes. Cue the HET toilets. What’s a HET, you ask? Simply put, high efficiency toilets use less water with every flush. Older models can consume as much as 7 gallons per flush. Meanwhile, new efficient toilets use a fraction of that. You shouldn’t have to sacrifice your older home’s charm to install modern fixtures, and with HET, you don’t. Just call the plumber that Culver City relies on most, and Fiskit will get you all set up. Whether you live along Washington Boulevard or near Sony Studios, the company’s trained team of experts can replace the old with the new, saving your home – and your checking account.

Who says no to a better shower?

A good shower is imperative to a relaxing and productive day. Without one, it’s hard to just feel focused. Fortunately, one of the best ways to reduce water usage is through a high performance showerhead. Like efficient toilets, these modern showerheads serve to reduce gallons of water used per minute. While the older models received criticism for their weak pressure, current upgrades have solved that problem, and enabled them to deliver the kind of powerful pressure you desire. Outfit your bathroom with a high performance showerhead, and get ready to save money and move your home into the future.