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When you need plumbers in Hermosa Beach Call Fisk-It Plumbing at 323-931-7100, or visit us online at our website at We are not new guys on the block, we are fully bonded, licensed and insured to fix your emergencies.

At one time or another almost every house needs a Hermosa Beach plumber. We never know when plumbing emergencies will strike so we cannot really plan for them, but what you can plan to do is call Fisk-It Plumbing for plumbing services in Hermosa Beach. A plumber from Fisk-It is a plumber Hermosa Beach residents have learned to trust. Few plumbing companies in Hermosa Beach have been in business as long as Fisk-It so trust the emergency plumber Hermosa Beach locals have trusted for years and let us take care of your plumbing emergency.

Fisk-It concentrates on delivering four types of plumbing services in Hermosa Beach:
Sewer Repair,
Drain Cleaning,
Underground Pipe Repair, and,
Hot Water Heater Repairs.

Having a problem with the water coming out of your taps? Discolored water or foul smelling water coming out? Clean pure water is a human necessity. Fisk-It can check the pipe lines that bring water into your home and, if necessary, repair them.

Broken underground pipes – can be an expensive headache for homeowners. Once the exact site of the broken pipe has been located, the common practice of using mechanical excavators to dig deep gaping trenches into your yard to expose the broken pipe can cause lawn and landscaping damage that are difficult to repair once the pipe has been fixed. So ask Fisk-It about their “trenchless” repair options for broken underground pipes. The savings in time, effort, and money spent on lawn repair can be awesome.

We offer two services in the event your home is suffering from broken underground pipes. First we can burst the old pipe as we install new plastic pipe that is guaranteed for 50 years. This unique pipe bursting method only requires two small holes to be dug; one at the beginning of the repair area and one at the end. The other approach to trenchless pipe repair is to reline the broken pipe. This approach can be done with only one small hole dig into your yard. It can be installed under a driveway or side walk and can extend all the way to the city’s sewer system. The lining we install is also guaranteed for 50 years.

Clogged Drains – The most common Hermosa Beach plumbing problem in most homes are clogged drains. The bathroom sink, the bathtub, the toilet, the kitchen sink and floor drains in the basement and other places are all susceptible to becoming clogged. Each tends to be clogged with different materials and each has its own unique characteristics that require special tools and approaches to declogging. The traditional homeowner’s tools and approaches may damage today’s plumbing systems. For example, the common traditional tool for declogging the toilet, the plunger, can create water pressure that can be harmful to pipes and fixtures. Some home product chemical decloggers can damage pipes and fixtures. One of the great advantages of hiring professional Hermosa Beach plumbers such as Fisk-It is that we have the training, experience, and tools to deal with clogged drains in ways that are not harmful to your home’s infrastructure.

Hot Water Heaters – Few fixtures add as much comfort to your home as a hot water heater (geyser in some countries). But every decade or so they wear out and have to be repaired or replaced. Dealing with a hot water heater can be expensive and dangerous and determining whether repairs are necessary or replacement is required is often better left up to trained professional plumbers who have been providing the water heater repair Hermosa Beach residents have needed for years.

Broken Sewer Lines – Some talented homeowners are able to repair some plumbing problems but broken sewer lines call for trained professionals from plumbing contractors Hermosa Beach residents can trust, like those of Fisk-It. A badly clogged or broken line can make your house miserable to be in, a threat to your health, even unlivable. Sewage can appear in your toilet or in your shower or tub drains filling your home with foul unsanitary orders and gasses. At Fisk-It we employ state of the art micro fiber optic cable cameras to quickly locate the site of the problem and discern the best solution given your exact situation. Providing the sewer repair Hermosa Beach residents rely on for the life of the home is something we strive to accomplish.

If the pipe itself is structurally sound and simply clogged we can quickly unclog it for you and visually inspect the work to insure the clog had not damaged the pipe. Never since we began serving the homeowners of Hermosa Beach California, have we charged a client for more that was actually need to solve their problem.

We offer a variety of cutting edge ways of repairing broken underground sewage pipes that do not involve major excavations that can savage your lawn and present a landscaping nightmare. Out technology allows the job to be done minimal invasive excavation. We can burst and replace the existing pipe with new high quality plastic pipe. If you prefer we can leave the existing pipe in place and stabilize it with an interior pipe liner. Our pipe liner can even be installed under a carport and save you thousands of dollars. You will be impressed by the guarantee we offer on our replacement pipe and pipe liners.

However, if a customer chooses to use trenching instead we have the equipment needed to do the job quickly and safely and we pledge never to leave a mess in your yard.

Gas Line Installation – Also some homeowners do not think about calling a plumber if they need to install or repair a gas line we at Fisk-It offer plumbing services Hermosa Beach residents actually need. Leaking gas lines can be deadly and it is best to test your system if you have even a suspicion of a leak or other problem. Ignoring a gas problem can even result in the loss of your home and the deaths of anyone in it.

For Plumbers that fix-it quick, call Fisk-it Plumbing!

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