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Revealed: 5 helpful plumbing secrets only the pros know

As a Beverly Hills plumbing company, we want to help our customers in any way we can. Whether you live near The Four Seasons Hotel or The Beverly Vista School, we’re dedicated to providing the knowledge you might need to better understand your plumbing. While it may be a cliché, “knowledge is power” applies any […]

Knowing these facts about your home can save you big $$$

The cost of owning a home in Los Angeles is the equivalent of owning a sprawling estate in many other areas of the country. From Hollywood to Santa Monica, we trade off the high price of living because of the warm weather, culture, and proximity to the beach, mountains and desert. But the costs do […]

To call or not to call: how to know when to contact a plumber

We’ve all experienced it – that moment when you try to repair something and suddenly realize you are undoubtedly, unequivocally over your head. Torrance homeowners area a handy bunch, but even the DIY supermen and women among us aren’t necessarily trained to fix everything around the house. Most people, if they concentrate and push themselves, […]

Your home is a target for burglars — here’s why

Culver City is no longer a safe place to live – at least, that’s how security experts want you think. The truth is that this pocket of The West Side is experiencing a real estate boom, as one of the more popular neighborhoods in Los Angeles, and is generally considered to be safe. But not […]

Service every customer should expect from a plumber

Santa Monica has no shortage of plumbers. The trick, of course, is deciding which company is right for you. Many residents may be content to simply pick a name at random from the internet, which isn’t necessarily a bad idea, especially if you don’t have much time to do research. However, failing to do a […]

Why clogs need to be fixed immediately

Beverly Hills homes may look beautiful and chic, but there’s one thing you wouldn’t know just by looking at them. Just like every other neighborhood in Los Angeles, these seemingly perfect houses are affected by one common, annoying plumbing problem: clogs. The reality is that clogs can affect anyone’s plumbing at any time. Even if […]

For Plumbers that fix-it quick, call Fisk-it Plumbing!

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