One incredible way to slash your water bill and improve your life

Los Angeles residents, think about your last water bill for a second. Is it just us, or does it seem to be rising every year? It doesn’t matter if you live in Hollywood or The South Bay; we pay a lot for water services. Meanwhile, the city only gets more crowded. Whether you’re stuck on The Santa Monica Freeway, trying to fight the crowds at The Beverly Center or just driving from Hermosa to Manhattan Beach, our city seems to be more expensive and packed than ever.

It’s always nice to know you can count on the services of the best plumber Los Angeles has to offer, but wouldn’t it be nice if you never had to call a plumber again? Better yet, how’d you like to ditch your water bill altogether??

Living off the grid is becoming an increasingly popular choice among people who want to improve their life. Not only does this solution make saving money on water a very real possibility, it also provides a way to avoid the hustle of Los Angeles, and get back to nature.

Here are just a few benefits:


When you live in a self-serviced home in nature, you no longer have to depend on the city to provide you with services like water and electricity. Which of course means no more expensive monthly bills. But this doesn’t mean you live in darkness year-round. Typically, residents use solar panels to power their homes. It’s a far cry from Downtown LA’s smoggy skyline – which is a good thing.

Additionally, you can replace the city’s unnecessarily high water charge by using an alternative water delivery system. Many people who truly live off the land dig wells near their homes. Another option is to create a cistern, which catches rain water, routes it to your house, and then sends the waste out to a designated area in nature where it can fertilize the ground. These systems require some initial investment up front, but they pay off over time.


Living in Los Angeles can be a stressful experience. As one of the most crowded cities in the world, it can be hard to find peace and quiet. Nature, on the other hand, is incredibly relaxing. Rather than facing disgruntled drivers, your morning commute may consist of walking along a trail and watching the scenery unfold around you. Living off the grid can relax you, potentially lower your blood pressure, and generally make you feel better on a day-to-day basis.

Improved relationships

Our busy city lives are reflected in our interpersonal communication. We talk with people largely on our phones, managing multiple conversations at once – virtually. It’s the communication equivalent of a traffic jam at Hollywood and Highland.

However, living in nature allows you to disconnect. Not having cell service may take a little getting used to, but eventually it becomes a peaceful way of life. Instead of keeping up with thousands of followers you don’t actually know in person on social media, you can focus on the people who live with you, and develop deep, lasting relationships.