To call or not to call: how to know when to contact a plumber

We’ve all experienced it – that moment when you try to repair something and suddenly realize you are undoubtedly, unequivocally over your head. Torrance homeowners area a handy bunch, but even the DIY supermen and women among us aren’t necessarily trained to fix everything around the house. Most people, if they concentrate and push themselves, can generally rise above their perceived limitations. But sometimes true grit just can’t cut it; you need to call a professional.

It seems that, more than any other category of home repair, plumbing projects provide a true test of residents’ handy skills. To help you figure out whether or not you’re equipped to take on that next job, consider the following.

Projects most people can do themselves:

Unclogging a toilet

Most of us have used a plunger before. It’s a fairly basic but totally effective principle. If you have a minor clog from toilet paper, plunging usually works just fine. You don’t need the help of a pro. However, the cause of the clog is more serious or unusual – say, for example, a kids’ toy fell down the toilet – you may need to get more creative about how to proceed. Plungers won’t work for everything.

Checking water pressure

This is another simple pearl of wisdom that can pay off big time. Most of us experience weak water pressure at one point or another. If it becomes an ongoing problem, there are a few simple ways in which to discover the source. First, simply check the various faucets in your house to see if the issue is localized or affects the whole residence. If it’s specific to one faucet, then the problem likely has to do with a clogged aerator. If only the hot water is affected, then the source is probably your hot water heater.

Projects for a plumber:

Sewer line repair

Unless you’re a trained plumber yourself and have access to the right equipment, this kind of repair should never be covered by a homeowner. If a sewer line ruptures and floods your yard or backs up in to the house, you might be tempted to fix it to avoid feeling helpless, but only experienced professionals are equipped to repair underground lines. Plumber who specialize in this can use hi tech gear to locate the crack in the pipe without disturbing your lawn.


While pockets of Torrance are undergoing new development, many of our neighborhood’s homes are a bit older. And older homes means older pipes. Copper pipes are durable but eventually fail after a while. If you experience a burst pipe or just want to upgrade to something more efficient, call the best plumber Torrance has to offer. Fisk-it Plumbing’s team of technicians can deftly replace your copper pipes for more contemporary materials, such as PVC. From the neighborhoods near The Miyako Hybrid Hotel to The Pacific Ocean, we’ll help update your home and ensure the longevity of its pipes.