Whatever you do, don’t fix this problem yourself

Just like residents of other cities, Beverly Hills homeowners are concerned with safety. Whether your house resides near the shopping district of Rodeo Drive or along busy Wilshire Boulevard, residents naturally want to keep their home safe from any breakdowns in service. Not only can a problem with your plumbing or other utilities be annoying, it can also be dangerous, and even deadly. Gas leaks in particular can be very harmful to you and your family, and in extreme cases, can cause explosions. Needless to say, if you have a gas leak, don’t try to repair it on your own. Not sure if you have a leak? Check out the following:

Warning signs:


Gas leaks within the home are made to give off a certain odor. You may not recall it now, but if you walk into a house with a leak, the smell hits you instantly. In some cases, it may be overwhelming and obvious. However, it typically is much more subtle than that. Leaking gas can slowly waft through the home, and sneak up on you when you least expect it. This is why gas leaks – not unlike leaks in your home’s pipes – are so dangerous. They’re secretive, but very dangerous.


If for some reason you don’t smell the gas emanating into the home, you may very well feel it, unfortunately. After enough inhalation of gas, you can start feel light-headed. Your body’s red blood cells pick up gas faster than oxygen, so if you’re feeling light of head or nauseous for no apparent reason suddenly, it might be a result of a leak in the home. Again, the symptoms of gas poisoning are sneaky as they often resemble symptoms of other illnesses. It might not be immediately apparent that you’re in a dangerous area, so pay close attention to your surroundings.

What to do:


If you detect the smell of gas in the air, stay calm. Panicking may result erratic behavior that could cause an accidental commotion, triggering an explosion. As calmly as you can, gather your family and evacuate the house. Don’t try to search the home for the cause of the leak, as you may be flirting with disaster. In extreme leaks, even just turning the light may have destructive effects. It’s best to get out as fast as you can, and reduce your exposure to the toxic gas.

Call a professional

It’s not a bad idea to call the gas company once you’ve evacuated. They’ll send out a professional to diagnose the problem. However, certain plumbers are also equipped handle these kinds of situations. While we specialize in leaky faucets and clogged drains, Fiskit can also help identify and repair leaky gas lines. As the best plumber in Beverly Hills, our team of experts can assist your home or at least connect you with the right utility companies.