Which one of these plumbing problems will affect your Beverly Hills home?

Beverly Hills has a reputation for the finer things. Whether it’s the high-end retail district along Rodeo Drive, the swanky lifestyle lodging of the Four Seasons Hotel, or one of the many shops along Wilshire Boulevard, our neighborhood is a destination for tourists and natives alike. However, local homeowners know that it’s not perfect.

No matter how sophisticated the residence, homeowners face the same types of problems as any other neighborhood. Specifically, plumbing can be a real headache. As with other pockets of the city, the plumbing issues of Beverly Hills tend to fall within a few major categories. Here are a few trouble areas you should probably have inspected if you live locally.

Old pipes

Your home’s plumbing is founded on its pipes, which is why they can turn your life upside down if something goes wrong. Unlike a clogged drain or overflowing toilet, a burst pipe may flood your kitchen, create water damage in the wall, or produce excess moisture throughout the house, which of course can lead to mold.

Many homes in our neighborhood have copper pipes. While copper is durable and was the go-to option for homes a hundred years ago, plumbers have recently discovered that they don’t necessarily stand the test of time. Over the years they start to corrode and can negatively affect your home’s water supply, causing off flavors or worse. If you live near the Peninsula Hotel, along Santa Monica Boulevard, or in any other part of the neighborhood and experience pipe problems, call the best plumber Beverly Hills has to offer. Fiskit Plumbing’s experts specialize in copper repiping, or can even install a different, more efficient type of pipe, such as PVC or PEX.

Outdated design

Okay, this isn’t a problem in the traditional sense. However, Beverly Hills residents are known for their class. Your funky bathroom tile might have been in vogue in the 1970s, but now it’s positively outdated. Don’t let it send the wrong impression to your guests. Consider updating the bathroom to give it a classic, contemporary feel. The re-model can be as simple as replacing the toilet and faucet or as complicated as adding new floors, and switching out the shower tile.

No matter the scope of the project, you should consult both a designer and plumber before you begin, especially if you’re new to this kind of DIY project. A designer can help bring your vision to life while a good plumber will advise you on just how much actual work is involved. Together, they’ll make your bathroom the envy of everyone on the block.

Wasteful fixtures

Increasingly, the government is requiring homeowners all over the country to use more efficient fixtures in their residences. Los Angeles aspires to stay ahead of the curve. Many people have already adopted water-saving toilets and drains, but others have failed to catch up. With older models, a resident will waste hundreds of gallons of water a day in a typical family household. Don’t be the Beverly Hills resident who spends way too much on his water bill and wastes precious H2O; add new fixtures sooner than later.