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Fisk-It Plumbing services Santa Monica, providing all the plumbing needs Santa Monica businesses, Home Owner Associations, and homeowners require. Our Santa Monica plumbing company offers over 35 years of experience. During those 35+ years, we listened to our customers. We know what is important to you and what you want from the plumbers in Santa Monica. Afterall we are the plumber Santa Monica has been relying on since 1977.

Emergency Services for Santa Monica 24/7/365

When you have a plumbing problem, whether over a weekend or in the middle of the night, and you call plumbers in Santa Monica, you want fast service. You don’t want to leave the problem without a repair while it creates an increasingly larger mess and increasingly costly damages to your home or business. You want to talk to a person, not leave a message, and you want to know someone will be there as quickly as possible to fix the problem. You don’t want to wait until the next business day, especially if you are calling on Friday night and the next business day would be Monday. Our Santa Monica plumbers provide 24-hour emergency services seven days a week. Our experienced dispatchers answer your call, and a Santa Monica plumber will be at your home or business within an hour after you place your call. Our commitment to being the best emergency plumber Santa Monica has to offer is what we value most.

Full Plumbing Services for Santa Monica

When you call plumbing companies in Santa Monica for your home or business, you don’t want to be told that the company doesn’t do the type of work you need done or that they are booked up and can’t do the work for several days or for a week or more. Your time is valuable. You don’t want to have to keep going down the list making phone calls to find someone prepared to provide the help you need. We have a large fleet and licensed plumbers to provide a full range of commercial and residential services.

Water Leak Detection and Repair for Santa Monica

If your water bill suddenly jumps or if you notice water stains on a ceiling or wall, you may have a hidden leak. If you see water dripping or running in a stream from a ceiling or wall, you know you have a leak, but the leak may not be where it appears to be. The water you see may have run down the wall or across the ceiling from the source to a place where the water was able to break through. Rather than taking time to look for the leak yourself, call us. We at Fisk-It Plumbing have the experience to find the leak and repair it quickly and efficiently.

Drain Cleaning and Rooter Service for Santa Monica

Sometimes a clogged drain is just a clogged drain resulting from food or grease in the kitchen or hair in a bathroom sink or shower, but sometimes a clogged drain is a symptom of other problems. The clog might be a sign that your water pipes are becoming clogged by a buildup of the heavy amounts of calcium that is common to water in Santa Monica.

A clogged drain is not necessarily the result of a problem within the interior of your home, however. Several problems can clog the outdoor pipes around your home, but tree roots are a common cause. Trees seek water where they can find it, especially in sunny Santa Monica where, at times, there is little rainfall to build up groundwater. To tree roots, the outdoor pipes leading to your home are an excellent and reliable source of water. We can determine whether the clog is due to a clog in the pipes inside or outside your home. If the clog is in the pipes outside your home, whether it is caused by tree roots or something else, we offer the rooter services to remove that clog.

Sewer and Underground Pipe Repair for Santa Monica

In addition to sewer pipes, Santa Monica homes and businesses have underground pipes for water features to add beauty to their landscaping and sprinkler systems to maintain that landscaping throughout the warm and sunny California summer. Tree roots can not only clog outdoor pipes; they can create underground leaks by moving the pipes. If the water is leaking from a pipe, water pressure decreases and the water feature or section of the sprinkler system dependent on that pipe doesn’t have the supply of water needed for it to function properly. In this case, rooter services won’t repair the problem. The pipes need realignment or, possibly, replacement. We at Fisk-It don’t need to dig up and damage your beautiful landscaping to fix problems with outdoor pipes. We offer trenchless sewer repair. This quick and clean repair method allows you and your guests or business customers to return to enjoying your landscaping, and you avoid the expense of having to replace what other plumbing companies in Santa Monica might have dug up. The expert sewer repair Santa Monica deserves is only a phone call away.

Kitchen, Bath, and Outdoor Garden Installation and Repairs for Santa Monica

At Fisk-It Plumbing, we are one of the most experienced plumbing contractors Santa Monica businesses and homeowners can turn to for building and remodeling jobs. We not only repair bathroom and kitchen plumbing and outdoor pipes; our plumbers also install bathrooms; indoor and outdoor kitchens; and extra outdoor spigots and outdoor sprinklers, water features, and drainage systems. Whether its a new home or a remodeling job, we make sure that our work complies with all building codes. After the installation, whether it is for a home, a restaurant, or another type of business, we offer plumbing maintenance services. We are committed to bringing the quality water heater repair Santa Monica residents deserve.

Gas Line Installation and Repair for Santa Monica

In addition to plumbing services, we at Fisk-It Plumbing also have the experience to install, repair, and maintain indoor and outdoor gas lines for new homes, remodeling jobs, outdoor kitchens, restaurants, and other businesses.

Whether you are a builder or re-modeler, a homeowner, or the owner of a restaurant or business, Fisk-It Plumbing is the plumber Santa Monica can turn to for all of its gas line and plumbing installation, maintenance, and repair needs.

For Plumbers that fix-it quick, call Fisk-it Plumbing!

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